About Us

About us

Prometeia is a Consultancy and Economic Research company employing over 1.000 experts worldwide.

Founded in 1974 under the name Associazione per le Previsioni Econometriche by a group of young university professors from Bologna, in 1981 the company began offering analysis services to businesses and financial intermediaries. From the 1990s onward, Prometeia’s activities focused increasingly on the integration of research, analysis, consultancy and software system development. 

This distinctive mix of services has made Prometeia the leading Italian company in the areas of Risk and Wealth Management solutions and Financial Consultancy for institutional investors, as well as one of the top Business Consulting firms. What renders the Prometeia model unique is its underlying proprietary Economic Research. Prometeia collaborates closely with its clients, whether they are banks, insurance companies, institutional investors, businesses or public authorities, to help them maximise their performance.

As well as operating from its Italian offices in Bologna, Milan and Rome, Prometeia has offices in Moscow, Istanbul, Cairo, London and Zurich, and is also active in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa.